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Walk around tour of the new iPed electrically assisted pedal scooter tandem available from ePed Uk. Fully road legal to ride in the UK from the age of 14 years old with no requirement for a driving license, CBT test, MOT, road tax or insurance. Latest tech 48V 20AH LifePO4 lithium ion battery providing up to 50 miles from a single 5p charge and unique 250W 3 phase DC geared motor system offering unrivaled climbing ability on even the steepest of gradients. Available from priced at 1595 plus delivery
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#1, Гости, 13 июля 2018 23:48
Hi, will it go up a steep hill ? Thanks?

#2, Гости, 15 июля 2018 11:31
I am interested in these, but really dislike the 15mph speed limit. Cyclists in London go a lot faster without any electric assists so surely the law should be subject to average speeds obtained by modern road bicycles. 20mph should be sufficient enough. I tried going 15 miles an hour on my piaggio scooter and it really is too slow on London's roads.. Just out of curiosity, could these be derestricted to reach higher top speeds, for say off road use? ?

#3, Гости, 8 августа 2018 04:20
It's not just us who think this is the best pedal assisted electric scooter in the UK.... Just thought I'd let you know how l'm getting on with my Iped. Wow!!! It's fantastic. I use it to get to work every day and shopping trips, I never need to pedal and the acceleration is really good. I've had lots of compliments and questions, one of the best being "where's the engine? " I trawled the Internet for an electric bike and I've definitely got the best with the Iped. I wish you all the best with your business. Many thanks, Andrew BurtonFor more comments like this, take a look at

#4, Гости, 15 августа 2018 00:18
Impressive though it is, in a congested city it would be dangerous in not keeping up with other traffic by a long chalk. I ride a 50cc two stroke that needs to do 30mph to keep out of danger. With increasingly frustrated motorists on British roads you would simply get carved up and not be able to manoeuvre outnof trouble . Otherwise a great bike!?

#5, Гости, 2 сентября 2018 06:51
Spoken to the owner of the company. Lovely and honest person, not there to pressure you into a sale what so ever. I am going to purchase one of these as I have lost my driving licence. Great video also. ?

#6, Гости, 2 сентября 2018 19:09
Wow ?1595, thats so overpriced, these things are built in China, this same model will set you back around ?200 here if you bargain with the seller. The battery would not be lithion it would be lead acid but still, everything else is exactly the same, it would also have no pedals, thicker tyres and be capable of speeds up to 25mph. ?250 would get you a 60vault version, that can reach speeds of 35mph. You can buy parts here fitted for next to nothing, those mirrors cost ?2 on my bike. The bodywork can be replaced for an alternative colour for ?20. New batterys once a year cost ?50. These things wont take off until the price comes down a lot more, Im amazed at the price difference. I currently ride a Chinese built 125cc scooter, it cost me ?200 brand new! This E-Bike is a total rip off!?

#7, Посетители, 4 сентября 2018 20:01 Пользователь offline
This is only legal in the UK if it does not exceed 40 kilos and the pedals actually work and has a max speed on the motor of 15 mph.If it does not meet this criterion then it will have to be registered as a motorcycle.The USA has some of the best laws regarding electric cycles and electric scooters, 20 mph 750 watts motor max.In the UK the law says any scooter that does not conform to electric bicycle standards must be registered as a motorcycle.So basically if you have an electric scooter with a 100 watts motor fitted to it that can take you up to 8 mph it must be registered as a motorcycle in order to use it on a road.?