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дтп на ярославском шоссе Our official BAJHEERA'S ARMY Twitch T-Shirts are available NOW! :DT-Shirt Link - Be sure to head over there and pick em up while you can! :D----------------------------------------­-------Sup guys! :D I'm happy to share my Level 100 Fury Warrior Guide for Patch 6.0.3! :D This video will take a look at Stat Priorities, Gear Selection & Enchants, Talents & Glyphs, Macros & Keybinds, as well as Rotation & Cooldown Usage :)I know it's a long video, but I wanted to be pretty thorough and I hope you find it helpful :) You can find my macros below! :D#showtooltip Pummel/cancelaura Bladestorm/cast Pummel#showtooltip Shattering Throw/cancelaura Bladestorm/cast [target=focus]Shattering Throw#showtooltip Intimidating Shout/cast [target=focus] Charge/cast [target=focus]Intimidating Shout#showtooltip Pummel/cancelaura Bladestorm/cast [target=focus]Pummel#showtooltip Storm Bolt/cast [target=focus]Storm Bolt#showtooltip/targetfriend/cast Intervene/targetlasttarget#showtooltip Battle Shout/cast Battle Stance/cancelaura hand of Protection/cancelaura hand of freedom/cast Battle Shout#showtooltip/cast Bloodthirst/focus arena3#showtooltip Charge/cast Charge/cast Rend/cast Hamstring/cast Shield Slam/cancelaura Bladestorm/cast Bloodthirst#showtooltip Defensive Stance/cast Defensive Stance/cancelaura hand of Protection/cancelaura hand of freedom/cast Battle Shout#showtooltip Intervene/cancelaura bladestorm/cast [target=Shadowjenny]Intervene#showtooltip Rallying Cry/cast Rallying Cry/cast Commanding Shout/use Healthstone/use Master Healing Potion/use Alliance Battle Standard#showtooltip Recklessness/cast Avatar/cast Recklessness/cast Bloodbath/use 13/use 14/cast Sweeping Strikes/cast Execute#showtooltip Shattering Throw/cancelaura bladestorm/cast Shattering Throw#showtooltip Shield Barrier/cast Defensive Stance/cast Shield Barrier/use Shieldtronic Shield/use Stealthman 54#showtooltip Victory Rush/cancelaura Bladestorm/cancelaura Hand of Protection/cast Victory Rush#showtooltip Vigilance/cast [target=Absterge]VigilanceThanks so much for watching, really hope you enjoy this video, and be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE!!! :D Keep up the good work team :)----------------------------------------­-------QUEST NUTRITION - Delicious & Healthy SnacksWebsite - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - ----------------------------------------­-------FOLLOW Bajheera on Twitch - LIKE Bajheera on Facebook - FOLLOW Bajheera on Twitter - FOLLOW Bajheera on Instagram - ----------------------------------------­-------CELLUCOR - Award Winning Fitness SupplementsUse Promo Code "BAJ" for 25% off EVERYTHING at ----------------------------------------­-------ORIGIN PC - Tell them BAJHEERA sent you! :DWebsite - Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: ----------------------------------------­-------RAZER: For Gamers. Аддоны для вов 6.0.3 дпс. By Gamers.For all of your Gaming Peripherals! :D - ----------------------------------------­-------LOOT CRATE: Epic Monthly Nerd Gifts! :DCheck out Lootcrate! :) - ----------------------------------------­-------Music by Monstercat Media дтп с трупами. Warlords of Draenor - 6.0.3 Level 100 Fury Warrior PvP Guide: Stats, Spec, Macros & Rotation
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